Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mo beer plez!

It's been a while since I brewed last and since a friend was kind enough to buy me a burner for by 40th, I'm thinking no time like the present!

Agenda: Chimey clone. My last time doing this yielded results that was surprising tasty, but also with approx. 20 some odd pounds of ingredients; while only about 7lbs were actual grains!

I found this recipe which sounds pretty good, a Chimey Grand Res.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Clones after 1 week of being bottled

An interesting thing seems to have happened during the Midas Touch "clone" making.
It seems that even while we stirred and stirred, the wort still separated enough as the keg drained that each batch has it's own very unique flavor.

While we each pitched a slightly different yeast, I highly doubt that the difference was from the yeast alone.

All things equal otherwise, the are night and day in terms of sweet & dry.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Midas Clone Brewed.

We threw a bbq and brewed up some Midas Touch tonight.

We followed this instructions and brewed an 11 gal batch.
Step by step
~ Heated 10gal water to 170* and dropped in grain.
~ This immediately brought the temps to the desired 150-155* range for steeping and continued to steep for 2hrs.
~ We removed the grains and did a light sparge, but nothing too complex or long.

~ At boil we add 1oz Willamette hops, Irish moss and boil for 60 minutes.
~ Add 1oz of Willamette hops and the 2 tspn Saffron for last 15 minutes of the boil.
~ Add 7lbs honey at the end of the boil after you turn off the heat.
~ Let stand for 5 minutes to sanitize the honey.

~ At the end of boil, we timed it just right to have 9.5 gal of wort and then we added 1gal of 100% Concord grape juice to each fermenter prior to adding the hot wort.

~ Cooling the wort was done by simply letting it sit overnight in air-locked container ~ We pitched the yeast at 76* after we aerated the beer.
OG: 1.072

Our All-grain option:
6.0 lbs. two-row pale malt (per batch, we doubled it.)
1 tspn Saffron (per batch, we doubled it.)
3.5 lbs Clover Honey (per batch, we doubled it.)
1 gal 100% All Natural Concord Grape juice (per batch, we doubled it.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

#14 Midas Touch Clone...

We(Travis and I) have embarked on creating our own Midas Touch beer because it's simply too expensive to be sucking down real bottles of it at $14 per 4pk!

So we've been rounding up the ingredients and which while few have been difficult to locate.

While the original "clone" recipe is this:
Dogfish Head Midas Touch
(5 gallons, extract with grains and adjuncts)
OG = 1.078 FG = 1.010 IBUs = 10 ABV = 9.0%

3.3 lbs. Briess light malt extract syrup
1.5 lbs. Briess light dry malt extract
3 lbs. honey (do not boil)
2 lbs. Alexander’s Muscat grape concentrate (do not boil)
0.5 teaspoon dry saffron (boil 15 minutes)
2.5 AAU Willamette hops (bittering hop) (0.50 oz. of 5.0% alpha acid)
2.5 AAU Willamette hops (flavor hop) (0.50 oz. of 5.0% alpha acid)
1 tsp. Irish moss
White Labs WLP500 (Trappist) or Wyeast 3787 (Trappist) yeast
O.75 cup of corn sugar (for priming)

We we unable to find Muscat and subbed in 100% Concord grape juice. We also change to all grain and will be brewing a full 11 gal batch which we'll be splitting into 2 seperate batches each using a different yeast. B1 will use 100% Trappist while B2 wil be using a Trappist/Belgian mix.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

3 beers in 3 days!! Batches: 11, 12, 13.

Well, really 2 in 3 days, but this one is actually mine while the 2nd was helping Travis brew his.

Batch #12
Brew 2 is a loose rendition of Chimay from a recipe that G-Spot found and asked me to produce for him.

The beer is a serious contender in terms of alcohol %, to the point that it's a little worrisome we'll get it all to convert. The recipe was generic to start with and gave no real brew times, hops times, etc.

3.3 pounds, pale unhopped extract syrup
12 pounds, pale dry extract
1 pound, 6-row pale malt
1 pound, wheat malt
1 pound, Vienna malt
2 pounds, light brown sugar (** this was changed to 1lb brown sugar and 1 cup Molasses)
1/2 pound, corn sugar
10 grams, coriander
8 grams, orange peel (Bitter)
4 HBUs, Saaz hops (boil)
4 HBUs, Hallertauer hops (boil) (** changed to Mt Hood, 1/4 used at 5min rest used in primary)
4-1/2 HBUs, Fuggles hops (boil)
handful, hops (finish)
1 teaspoon, Irish moss
Chimay yeast cultures (** This was changed to a Trappist Yeast)

Since there were no real instructions, here is what I did:
Steeped grains in 6 gal water @ 155* for 60min.
Sparged lightly (used 2 gals of water)
Added sparge & all extracts to the boil. (120 min boil to reduce from 7.5gal to 5 gal.)
Fuggels @ 30 min
Saaz @ 20min
Coriander @ 20min
OrangePeel @ 10min

Cooled in primary overnight and pitched yeast at 80*.
OG: 1.096 @ 84* corrected = 1.12!! ABV: approx. 13-14%
FG: 1.04
ABV: 10.5%

Priming: 3/4 Cup Corn Sugar in 2 cups boiled water
Bottled: 48 Bottles

Taste is very sweet while hiding the alcohol content, color a medium redish brown.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Beer #11 Finally! My IPA has been brewed.

Beer 11, IPA
Well broke the 1yr time frame since I last brewed a beer and boy what a difference a year makes.

This year hops prices are through the roof and in limited quantities to boot! So even though I wanted to make a stout, the hops are not abundant enough to make it happen any time soon. So I am going IPA for now.

It's pretty much the same recipe as found here IPA 06, but I am all grain now!!

Yup, I finally converted the keg to a brew kettle and was able to shove 11+ lbs of grain in it with ease!

Here is the basic recipe:
11.5 lbs US 2_row
.5 lbs Cara-pil
.5 lbs Munich
.5 lbs Victory
2 oz US Nugget
1 oz Mt Hood

Grains steeped at 155-165 for 1 hr.
Boil was 8gals reduced to 6 gal in 1.5 hrs.
1.25oz USN for 50min
.75oz USN for 25min.

OG: 1.044 with an est. 5.8%
FG: 1.0,
ABV: 5.8%

Primary: 1 week
Secondary: 1 week
Priming: 1 TBLS Dextrose in 1/4 cup boiled water (MiniKeg), Remaining batch , 2/3 Cup Dextrose
Bottled: 1 MiniKeg (5lt), 38 12oz bottles

Monday, April 21, 2008

About to get back in the game.

It seems that the brew gods are having fun keeping me from brewing. After almost a full year off from brewing, I finally decided this is it, I'm gonna remake my IPA & my Douthat Stout.

So last Thursday I head down to the local brew supply shop only to find out that since I've been out of the game hop prices have gone through the roof because hop supplies have have their bottom drop out.

So our local shop has put a limits on amount of hops that you can buy via a total quantity (5oz) and amount per hops (2oz).
Well that leaves me to only purchasing 1 beer order and I'll have to wait a week to get my second one.

So I choose IPA and unlike my last IPA I'll be going full grain since I am borrowing a brew kettle. Or so I thought!
Link #2 comes in the form of a phone call from my friend asking me if I already picked up the pot from him. I call back to let him know this wasn't the case and he said he'd look again, but someone may have walked off with it.

So now I have a full grain order for what may turn into a partial mash!

We'll see and I'll post more later...